The multi-talented Shara Lin


Britain’s got some wow talent

Little Guitarists of DPRK

Amazing Rhema Marvanne

Listen to little Rhema Marvanne sing Amazing Grace and be stunned by her voice and vocal control. Truly a gift of God.

Rhema Marvanne – ‘Amazing Grace’ from Black Olive on Vimeo.

Song and Video Galleries

You may already have listened to to all of the Bangkit Collection songs that are featured in the Galeri Bangkit. These songs are available in mp3 format for you to download. You can also buy the CD from Bangkit CD Sales if you expect that some of the artistes featured in this album will become major stars. You can be sure that, when that happens, this CD will become a collector’s item.

We have also entertained you with several video clips, mainly from You Tube. You may not have seen all of them. We are therefore making them all available from one convenient location, the Galeri Video

Enjoy these presentations and do share them with your friends.


Which is your favourite Bangkit song

The last time, you voted based on demo mp3 recordings, some done on quite primitive equipment. Now you can hear the same songs recorded and mixed professionally. Have you changed your opinion?

Go to Galeri Bangkit and listen again. Then let us know. This poll will remain open for one month.

Lyrics – Bangkit (In/Out)

The last song in the Bangkit Album asks the most important question – Are you in or are you out? You can say whatever you want about this, that and the other but, at the end of the day, are you going to stand up and make your vote count? Or will you remain planted on your butt and just gripe about things not being right?

It is your future that is at stake here. Will you take ownership of it? Can you Bangkit and do something about it?


are u in or are you out?
bring a friend and make a stand
Wake up!
are u in or are u out?
Stand up!
Let’s vote your hearts out!

I’ve got something to say
Freaked up by the state of today
They take us for fools disarray
Gotta stop just sleeping, praying
Gonna rise, start spitting, spraying!

We’ve got something to say
Put your game face on!
Stop the lies, the steal, the rats
stop playing around, take it back!

are u in or are u out?
bring a friend and make a stand
Wake up!
are u in or are u out?
Stand up!
Let’s vote your hearts out!
Take it back! Take it back!

Have you got something to say?
They call us white, yellow, brown, black
They brand us religious this and whatever that
Treat us with candy and rob our backs
Do you give a shit or just take their crap?
Stop fooling around, just take it back!